Future Girl Corp is a voluntary organisation that provides support & advice for future female CEOs & business women. It’s a community owned and run initiative that relies on our members' self-organisation.


Our network is rooted in the shared vision to create more female CEOs & business leaders by sharing skills and experiences in order to change the perception of what women feel they can achieve in business.


Since 2016, our events, content, community has granted girls access to valuable relationships & business advice for no cost.


We stay focused on actionable advice, shared learning, knowledge and free access.


ANYONE can be a FGC member - all you need to do is support our mission of creating more future female CEOs  & own it yourself.


We have worked with our network to come up with a 12 module framework. These modules are now the cornerstones for your success.  The way you execute your content will be dependent on the level of your attendees. If you’re running a group for girls still in high school, you need to adjust it compared to women with 5 years of business experience. Either way, this is just a framework to get going - you can design your meet up groups topics and content however you like. Be flexible and adaptable to your groups' needs.


Sharing experiences can be done in any shape or form – use this content to start discussions, develop your business, or use as talking points for panels.


Want to start your own FGC? You’re in the right place.


FGC Worldwide is our platform to enable ANY GIRL, ANYWHERE to begin their own local business community.


On this site, you have all the content needed to start discussions on the components of business & in the FORMAT tab you can learn how to execute business events to start your own community.


When you begin, decide on the following:

  • who you will invite to be part of your FGC?
  • When and where will you host meetups?
  • And how will you invite your crew to join?


Once you’ve got this in place & so become an FGC Worldwide leader, please let us know by joining our Mobilize group found at the bottom of this page "Support for Leaders". We’ll be able to provide advice for you here.


Our steps inform a year-long plan, so each month you & FGC Crew can focus on a topic & complete the Worksheets together. 


Your FGC can be made up of 5, 50, or 500 people. It is about hosting the type of events or meetups that allow you to best share the experiences you have, in a format that works for you and the space you have. Your content will depend on the level of experience of your group.

There are three formats that have worked for us:

PANELS: these are events where you invite speakers to share their knowledge or experience on key cornerstone topics

WORKSHOPS: by using the below modules you host workshops where you challenge yourself and your crew to complete the FGC tools

ROUNDTABLES: this involves finding a table, sitting around it, and talking about what it is about your idea or within your business that is working or not working, by using the cornerstone content as a focus.

Give it ago & who knows your 5 person chat could turn into 500.


You can download design assets and tools that have worked for us when starting the fgc London community. They're all cropped for Twitter, Instagram Feed, Instagram Stories, & digital Flyers and outline what information is best to put in them. 


CLICK to download assests


By using our branding you leverage it's familiarity helping you to earn a community who share our VISION, to support future female business leades & CEOs. When you use these assests, make sure to tag @futuregirlcorp so we can see & shout about your fgc community. 



Please let us know when you have started a FGC Worldwide Leaders community by joining our Mobilize group. We’ll be able to provide direct support there.


Or make your own FGC social channels, just make sure you have the location that you’re based in within the handle so we can ensure we know where in the world you are, e.g @fgc_shanghai, & tag or message @futuregirlcorp so we can find you